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My friend had been approached on his way out of Home Depot at Great Mall San Jose,CA by this Tailor Manager Giuseppe M., who asked his help to pay the rental car he was driving, an SUV Dodge Journey with Plate No. 6KHW457 so he can return it in San Jose airport and fly back to Italy.

He showed my friend the receipt from Enterprise Cars. The man said he was in town to show some samples of "leather" jackets at Moscone Center in San Francisco. The man has grey hair & wearing striped blue suite and then said he was at a showing at the Moscone Center in SF and has samples of "leather" jackets left and he didn't want to take them with him back to Italy this afternoon because he would have to pay his rental car in the amount of more than $356. He started unwrapping two leather jackets, brown and black.

My friend was not interested but Giuseppe kept on asking him to buy them.He explained that he was from Italy, and had lost all of his money at the local casino. He was seeking $400 in cash, and wanted to trade "leather" jackets for this favor.

My friend took pity on him and gave him all the money he had in his wallet. Much to my friend's disappointment later on when he realized they were fake leather jackets made out of polyester.



You have a dumb pushover friend

El Paso, Texas, United States #992620

You people really need to learn the age-old adage "Don't talk to strangers!" Especially when they approach you in parking lots!


This guy approached me in Irvine today. Same as the others, sob story, leaving tonight yadda yadda.

The biggest give away was his business card, printed on photo paper and cut crooked. Never on my life have I seen an Armani, Gucci or Hugo Boss business car printed on anything less than crisp thick board with an embossed logo and the first AND last name. I guess my folks raised me right, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. I mean seriously, when I worked at Oakley and got free swag I either gave it or sold it to family and friends...

I would never hawk it on the street and if I wanted to sell that stuff it would be on eBay or Craig's list... P.s.

sending his info to the three companies he claimed to represent... Thanks donato for the adventure


I got suckered also. This man approach me and asking for direction.

To go to the airport. He told me he was a model of Armani and he is from Italy, he even showed me the Armani magazine he was in. He told me he just went to the mall to show sample of his leather jackets. He said that he don't want to bring back those jackets because he already paid big tax to bring it in here in Canada and he don't want to pay another tax to bring it back in Italy.

This guy (Salvatori) even have an Italian accent, and showed me his passport. He was asking me to pay just one jacket and his going to give me the 5 jacket free..so I got sucked into it... I thought it was a good deal...so paid the guy $300..

I only realized that I got suckered when I got home and look at those jacket closely.... It was an imitation (poor quality )!


Just got busted by a guy but not the same one in NY last friday. He pulled on the side of the road, asking me for the airport.

So I gave him the direction. Then he asked me what was my size, I answered that I didn't know then he said that I was certainly an L...whatever with his italian accent he continue to chat and said that he was going to the airport and was working for armani and wanted to offer a Play station for his son. I said I didn't have much money so I was not interested. Anyway we continued to talk, he told me he was often travelling from Milano to Ny for fashion weeks and that he got those samples..

and at the end I really wanted him to offer this playstation to his son, so I answered that why not, three armani Jacket for 300$ that's not bad, so I jump in his grey suv, we've been to the bank, I gave him the 300$, he left. That was next to the apple store in manhattan.Conclusion: This guy is really good I traveled all over the world and never fell for one of those repoff, there's always a detail that tells me that there's something wrong, this time i didn't even smelled the jacket to check if it was real leather...I trusted him.

Anyway 300 bucks that's not the end of the world and I got three jacket. Hope he really bought a playstation to his son..haha

Description: 40 year old man with a little bit of grey hair, short hair, dressing casual good, Italian accent, apparently driving in a rented car, having a green jacket on the passenger side, showing his items in a fake armani bag, showing the items from the car window and using a lighter to show how good the quality is, asking his way to the airport, not from NY while he has a map of Manhattan, wearing a watch with a black face (italian brand), smoking cigarettes, apparently he knew were the armani store is in Manhattan and the chase bank next to it, asking where you are from, if you're italian or not (trying to make you feel comfortable), even if he does repoff at the end he would seem like a nice person to go and have a beer with hehehe !


This guy almost got me today. I will say that he is good doing this.

He aproached me at Chase Bank at El Camino Real in Santa Clara. Even that he showed me his pasport and the car rental receipt I was not sure about his story. I made a couple of call and then when back to him and told him that I did not have money.

He was about to cry, he is a good actor. Be carful.


This is True

I got scammed today the guy was begging me for $$ in Wllsfargo parking lot in San Mateo, so he can return back his rental car back to SFO air port. He has a flight back to Italy tonight.


Yes I got suckered into this also today in Milpitas by Calaveras Blvd.


This report needs to be removed from your webpage. Thank you.


Please remove this report and the photos. Thank you.

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